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to temperatures in the 20s across the interior valley. santa rosa with 28, napa 29, and livermore at 31 and san jose getting down to the mid 30s. what we have happening is on much cold air, the jet stream pushing to the south and the overnight chill is not going anywhere. by 11:00 p.m. tonight, temperatures will be in the 30s and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, we will expect low to mid 30s in the interior valleys of the north bay. we will detail how long the cold nights will last and what our chances will be of any kind of rainfall in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> see you in a bit, thank you, jeff. construction crews cut in a gas line this morning causing a san francisco neighborhood to evacuate, it happened at the corner of 24th and bryant street. in the mission district. pg&e was at the scene. pg&e had to dig up the area around the line to turn off the gas and stop the leak. it took them a couple of hours to complete the repairs and restore service. >> also the north beach neighborhood is finally drying out. for most of the day, it was a wet mess. a water main break flooded the intersection. nea
forecast. we'll start cloudy and rebound with sunshine. it is 36 in santa rosa, 48 in san francisco. so light jacket will be necessary, but as we head throughout the day on thursday, you can see this is not jacket weather by the afternoon. a lot of your car thermometers are going to read 73 to 76, they read a little armer than the ambient air temperature. 65 in san francisco, and you're getting into 70 from santa rosa. on the three day forecast, we keep that forecast all the way through friday, if you suffer from allergies, here is the good news. cloud cover increases on monday. that's what we want to see in the weather department, and by tuesday a chance of showers late in the afternoon, and by wednesday, early indications that we could have a half inch to one inch of rainfall. >> we need it, yes. >> i know, it's been so bad -- >> watch out this air. >> it will be good for us. >>> a woman who would not take a back seat more than 50 years ago, today received a prominent place of honor in the u.s. capital. president obama and congressional leaders came together to unveil a nine foot stat
rosa for a man who disappeared in a state park. a santa rosa couple called 911 yesterday morning to report a man in a pick-up has followed them to their house and was acting strangely. before police could get there, the man walked into the annandale park. then it was reported that they came across a man channing and naked. >> the mountain biker reported it to us. last night, some deputies did a ground search, an aerial search last night as well. we are unable to locate him and it was decide that had based upon the fact that the reported sighting, that we would call out the mechanic search and rescue team. >> the man is described as 6'6", sandy brown hair, 185 pounds. the family told deputies, he is going through marital problems. he has a history of mental illness. >>> coming up next at 5:00, john kerry had a very busy day dealing with issues from mexico to turkey. >>> the 49ers new stadium could have a major impact on people using san jose international airport. >>> not your average cover story. a local man who has turned album part into his passion project. >>> and we're finish
portions of santa rosa, it's not very heavy but do expect showers here in santa rosa as we go through the next 40 minutes or so. we are tracking heavier rainfall over the next 24 hours but let's look at what is impacting us right now. cold air. upper 40s and 50 on the entire weather board, go anywhere, you need a jacket. let's go to the sky camera network. you see the cloud cover here in san jose, even a few rain drops down in the south bay, it's more of a drizzle coming from the low level moisture, also, let's move up to the north and you see in oakland, it's a stormy picture here, stormier than we have seen over the past two or three weeks and then in san francisco, we are noting the increased cloud cover out here ahead of downtown. let's go back to the weather boards and what we are tracking in terms of the storm system, it's not very strong, but it has unique characteristics with it, we have the cold front passing through tonight t area of low pressure will invigorate things for tomorrow. a good amount of up lift, cold and showery weather and a chance of thunderstorms, namely as w
meatballs. >> plenty of widespread sunshine today, temperatures close to 70 in san rafael, and santa rosa in 69, we will talk about a warming seven-day forecast forecast coming up. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ clarify when they should treat with over the counter pain relievers or plain observations. listen to these numbers, half of all women will have a osteoperosis related fracture in their lifetime. a u.s. taskt force that the popular practice may do nothing. instead, the best source of calcium is through your diet, milk, yogurt and leafy greens, as for vitamin d, they suggest is you eat leafy greens and get sunshine. >> vitamin d and supplements may not reduce the risk or affeldt fra
will be down near the freezing markup in the north bay. 32 in santa rosa and flour in concord, and 36 in san jose. so, if you can get over the hump of the cold start, you will have a great tuesday. we will find temperatures jumping 30 plus degrees across the south bay. 64 in palo alto. and 60 in santa cruz and 65 in evergreen and back across the east bay, the freezing mark. pleasanton and 62 in alameda, san francisco, 63 and and close to 70 in santa rosa as we go through tuesday. as we look ahead toward the up coming weekend, never too early to look at saturday and sunday, we will find cloud cover increasing and unfortunately no rainfall in the forecast as we head throughout saturday and sunday. we need it, it's now the driest ever on record here. >> we need to do a rain drans. >> i guess i'm the one to do that. >> we will back you up. thank you. >> san francisco, taxpayers could end up footing the bill for the america's cup with six months before racing begins, efforts to bring in major donors have stalled. they have raised $14 million so far, that is less than half of what they need. clean
, for the morning hours, we will start off clear and cold. the north bay, 36 in santa rosa and 35 in livermore and 39 in redwood city. daytime highs, surge for south bay. possibly 70 in gilroy, and 64 inspect palo alto. for the east bay, not quite as warm, still very comfortable with those sunny skies in mid 60s and this will be the spot beat. 69 in san ra fell. 66 in an that rosa and 63 in san francisco. on your three day forecast. sunny skies and cloud cover is increasing as we go through next week, we are looking at a chance of showers by tuesday. it's not much, about a 40%. it will be a dry system that moves to the north to the south, over land. so it's not good for inches of rainfall. dry valentine's forecast, no excuse for going out and taking care of that loved one. >> taking care of business. >> can't blame it on the weather guy. >> a family business for the giants. why is bruce bochy's son at spring training. >> nbc bay area is the proud broadcast home of the world giants and today we got to say the magic word. pitchers and catchers report. >> thank you, pitchers and catchers have rep
in the weather department, forget winter, it felt like spring. one of the warmest, walnut creek 70, santa rosa 68 and san jose 67, looks as if we are going to keep this mild stretch of weather here to friday. walnut creek expecting to go up a bit. not a whole lot. but great weather as we go to the end of the work week. that said, ten degrees above the average as we go to friday. temperatures are cooling off. let's go to the sky camera network and on this mid week forecast, the sky cameras, no other better way to tell you what is happening than this view right now. we have the haze back across the foothills of the valley, but clear directly above, now let's move up to the north, you can see in oakland, we have the moderate air quality, it looks in l.a. for some part tofs bay area. when it comes to the air quality, it's a familiar scene in the pollen and the moderate levels that get trapped in the valleys and back in the coast line, you see the pollution, that sa slight marine layer that is keeping you cooler in the beaches. let's go back to the weather mix. what we have happening is the storm trac
rosa. earlier upper 60s around parts of sonoma county. we have the winds out of the north. notice a bit of an on shore push as the weather system brings in more clouds tonight. i think there is enough lift to toss a chance of a few showers and maybe drizzle on the coast very early tomorrow morning. after that we are talking about a dry week. warming temperatures as we finish off february and move into march with more dry weather. you might notice a few of the high clouds coming by as high pressure temporarily gets dented by the weather system. it is not going to clear the way. we will see more clouds briefly. wednesday, thursday, friday the high will build back across northern california and give us a slight offshore wind pattern. for the bay area especially friday into next weekend inland valleys seeing 70s. this should be the first day of march. as we go into next weekend we will see 70s inland and temperatures staying mild. tomorrow morning maybe a few sprinkles or stray showers. after that mostly sunny skies and high clouds drifting through to go into tuesday. wednesday will probabl
start off with coldest weather and patchy fog in santa rosa a and 40 in san rafael. 40 back into santa cruz and tomorrow, yes, sunny. hazy. and pollen is high and close to spare the air day. if you suffer from respiratory problems, not bad news in south bay. 70 in santa cruz, gill roy. 67 in dublin. in san francisco, 66 for you. 68 in santa rose why. 67 in san rafael. dry all the way through the weekend. increase cloud cover temperatures drop a little bit. throughout next week, cloud cover increasing until tuesday with slight chance of showers wednesday night and also into thursday. and a reminder again, don't want to miss tomorrow morning at 4:30. our network colleague al roker at the building in san francisco. and i and hear our morning meteorologist, christina, could be joining them. stay tuned. that is good tv. >> yeah. >> tomorrow morning, 4:30 a.m., al roker and christina. >> yes. >> i'll be waving in the background. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. >> the surprising benefits of violent video games. >> and stand back, new evidence after flu virus that is more contagious than you might t
a bit before we get the sun in here for the afternoon. as far as tomorrow goes. 36 in santa rosa and 37 in nap pa. and 34 in los gatos. and upper 50s in the south bay. and 57 in palo alto. and from mid 60s back in the east bay today, it was you a smrks a nice start to the monday, temperatures going to the mid to upper 50s tomorrow. there's a bit of cooling where the cloud starts off. we stay dry for tuesday and wednesday. then by thursday, we will get? larger changes in here for the chance here of rainfall, and that is also going to continue as we head throughout friday's forecast as well. not a large storm system, but it looks like the best possibility of rain in the forecast will be on thursday at the point. you guys. >> we do need rain. we do. >> thank you. >> still ahead at 5:00, a king and a parking lot, how a ancient mystery is solved. >> and why it's never to late to hit the gym to keep your mind sharp. and...done. did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us? oh no, i... just used my geico app to get a tow truck. it's gonna be 30 minutes. oh, so that means that
over breaking news. it's a small city just northwest of santa rosa, just after 3:00 p.m., police found three bodies and it's the site of a triple homicide all the victims are men and we will bring you the latest updates as we get them. thousands of people live engine san francisco are about to learn if they live in soft story buildings. they have weak ground floors which make them unsafe in the earthquakes. seven such buildings collapsed in the marina district in 1989, city leaders introduced a law, mandating the retrofitting of the rest of the soft story buildings and providing financial incentives for the landlords to do the work. and they have considered labeling the buildings so that the residents are informed about the threat. the winter olympics begin a year from tonight in russia. but will vonn be ready, she suffered a knee and leg injury after a major crash today. it happened in austria, the after a jump, coming up shortly, her knees buckle and she veers off course. she was air lifted to a nearby hospital, now the u.s. ski team confirmed that -- here is the jump -- they confirm
to chain up the cars. 39 in santa rosa, and 37 in napa and 43 in san jose. cooler, low to mid 50s across most of the board. and then we will keep the chance of showers in the forecast for friday and then here is the great thing. clearing out just in time for your weekend as we head throughout saturday and sunday. a lot of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 and right now we are looking at a storm system off shore by next wednesday. it's not large. but i tell you, back in the weather department. any kind of rain drops we see within a,000 miles, let's say. >> we are in. >> i'm putting rain off shore. i know how much all of you want it. >> we will be ready. >> well with, 2012 marked the busiest year in one bay area airport. 44.5 million travelers threw through san francisco international last year, it broke the record for the second year in a row. up 8.5% from 2011. why? because 97% of the international travel goes through sfo and recent renovations to terminal two and verge inamerica using sfo as the main hub has increased the travelers. >> it's a problem we all share, we ar
up for the second half of the workweek. 64 in pleasanton. you can see as we get to santa rosa and sflan, upper 50s and low 60s. the pattern is repeating as we start the workweek. notice the numbers. not just for the inland spots but the coast. wednesday, thursday and friday. we're still expecting at least a couple days. thursday into friday. some 70s possible around morgan hill. let's say pleasanton as well. heading toward next week. one out of three computer models tries to bring in showers. right now we'll call for cooling, more clouds. not much in the way of rain or snow. especially considering the time of year. >> trying to bring in some rain. >> trying very hard. >> and going to do it? >> i hope so. >> i put you on the spot. >> could you take care of that for us? isn't that part of your job? >> that's what this thing is supposed to do. >> thanks, rob. >>> let's bring in mindi with a look at sports. >> a beautiful weekend at pebble beach. and jim harbaugh the 49ers head coach was having plenty of it as well. when it is all said and done, a cal graduate and current alameda
in santa rosa and 67 in bodega bay. clouds increase sunday and then on monday, one of the cloudiest days we will have seen in a while. by tuesday, here it comes. the storm system with a chance of thunderstorms in the mix. it will get active quickly and temperatures going from the upper 70s today to 53 by tuesday chance of rain on wednesday and so far it's looking good to tee up rain for thursday and friday. but, once again, that first storm day will be on tuesday. a stark contrast. >> the summer is coming to an end. >> put the shorts away. and find the jacket. >> you are welcome. >> coming up, they got a lot of things but not this item. now a big box store is facing a lawsuit over counterfeit jewelry. >> plus new findings for women trying to get pregnant using fertility treatment. >> in health matters women who get fertility treatments are not at an increased risk of cancer. it can involve ovulation stimulation, and it was suspected that the procedures increase risk in cancer. but not so. a new study reveals little connection. experts say it's hard to know whether unmeasured factors not rel
widespread 60s. a few of you expecting mid 60s on friday. we'll start cool to cold. 36 in santa rosa. 39 in san jose. 37 from lohse gatos. how about the friday forecast? the warmest down here is 64. 63 in san jose. a little bit cooler in the east bay with upper 50s to near 60 degrees. 61 in san francisco. then you go just north of the golden gate bridge. also 63 in san rafael. we will have sunny skies and then throughout next week we waiver with the rain chances on and off again. i was going to open the sunroof, but i have allergies. >> you're conflicted. >> the conflicted weather man. all right. still to come here at 5:00, the results shocked the researchers. what we're learning about the long-term impacts of childhood bullying. >> >> and the benefits of nurturing. how doctors can see the way a mother treats her child. >>> a first of its kind study sheds light on the long term impacts of bullying. researchers looked at 1400 kids in north carolina at ages 9, 11 and 13 and again between the ages of 19 and 16. they first asked them questions about their experiences and later researchers as
in the sun. 63 in walnut creek. back for san francisco, a high of 60 for you and 62 in santa rosa. we have the pollen that is not going to budget. no rain in the forecast, moderate to high, unfortunately if you are set for allergies, saturday and sunday, mid 60s, then as we go through monday. we get another system moving by, it will be so weak, no rainfall with it for us. then for tuesday. morning fog comes back and cloud cover there on wednesday and for thursday and friday, it's staying sunny. and look at that, by next thursday, spring will officially arrive in 20 days. we have had spring weather. so i do not know what kind of a huge indicator that will be when it finally gets here. >> it will probably rain every day. >> hope to get spring showers. >> that is what is going to happen. still ahead the feds jump in, why lance armstrong is now being accused of using taxpayer money for doping. >> and the first lady, wow, having fun, showing off moves. we have a preview of the performance that will air tonight. >> the department of justice s has -- landis accuses armstrong of using performanc
thunderstorms. off to the north here of santa rosa we are detecting several lightning strikes and that's a sign of that instability that will be lingering over the next six to 12 hours. let's get a look at the rainfall totals. it's varied widely here. richmond 0.24 and then you've got san francisco at 0.10 and lesser amounts down into parts of the south bay. so here we go. tonight there's that rain we expect from the upper level area of low pressure that's going to push to the south as we head throughout 9:00 p.m., so expect another wave of wet weather as we head throughout this evening. we're also talking low snow for tomorrow morning. snow levels could drop as low as 2,000 feet. we'll let you know who could get a rain/snow mix coming up a little later on in the weather forecast. >>> thanks, jeff. the new eastern span of the bay bridge is set to open by this labor day and transit officials want to throw a big party giving people a chance to walk on the bridge before it opens to vehicle traffic. the catch, that party is over budget and the agency wants to use your money to help pay for the part
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